♥Adriana (BÉBÉ PIE)♥ (cupcakefairy) wrote in tricky_kid,
♥Adriana (BÉBÉ PIE)♥

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oh my bjork, a tricky community!!!!! i could not be more thrilled with you people.
i wanted to consort with other tricky fans and trusty old livejournal gave me the hookup as it tends to do

hi, i'm adriana and i just joined
the thing that drove me to action was discovering "something in the way" (a song i had not previously heard until a coworker gave me his entire tricky collection.)

then i peed and died. sheer brilliance.

before today my favorite was wait for god (and always will be) closely followed by feed me, what is wrong, and diss never.

let us all rejoice in His arrangement skillz
NOTHING makes me feel sexier or more alive than a good tricky song
it is my preferred life soundtrack EVERY DAY when im on my grind in nyc.
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