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26th March 2009

fairbrook8:05pm: i met a christian in christiansands, 
and a devil in helsinki

my defences
             become fences

you and me, what does that mean?
always, what does that mean?

it means we'll manage, i'll master your language

and in the meantime i'll create my own

by my own
it means we'll manage

i'll master your language

what a motherfucking great concert - tricky - los angeles - wed march 25 - 2009

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19th October 2007

cupcakefairy1:23pm: ehhhhHHHH
why oh why did this community die

i love you tricky :{ you damn stoner you.

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22nd May 2007

cupcakefairy12:18pm: oh my bjork, a tricky community!!!!! i could not be more thrilled with you people.
i wanted to consort with other tricky fans and trusty old livejournal gave me the hookup as it tends to do

hi, i'm adriana and i just joined
the thing that drove me to action was discovering "something in the way" (a song i had not previously heard until a coworker gave me his entire tricky collection.)

then i peed and died. sheer brilliance.

before today my favorite was wait for god (and always will be) closely followed by feed me, what is wrong, and diss never.

let us all rejoice in His arrangement skillz
NOTHING makes me feel sexier or more alive than a good tricky song
it is my preferred life soundtrack EVERY DAY when im on my grind in nyc.
Current Mood: supposed to be working

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19th February 2006


Six icons behind the cut
Read more...Collapse )

Credit is nice but not necessary, don’t hotlink, ladeda. Enjoy ♥
Current Mood: lazy

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11th November 2005

ketene1:14pm: Icons..

Hiii. This is my first post.. I've got some icons to share. :P!

Commenting and crediting is appreciated but not necessary; mainly cause I'm too nice to do anything about it..

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com

youdontyoudontyoudontwanttoeventryCollapse )

Enjoy! =D

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22nd September 2005

subkonshus2:27am: Hell YES! FabChannel Rules!
Find of the year right here!!

Onstage in action

Check out Tricky Live Paradiso 01.07.03
Streaming of a Live Tricky set! Wikkid! Follow the link and scroll down videoondemand to the live set. ENJOY!

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18th September 2005

subkonshus9:15pm: Xfm online
Well,it's been real quiet in here for a while now. Let me kick things off again with this find.


Check out Martina.Topley.Bird In Session & Interview

Streaming of two tracks and a short interview. What a voice!

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10th June 2005

motherginsberg11:19pm: Tricky
... anyone know what is going on with him?

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19th March 2005

inexperienced12:42am: curious
Does anyone have or know where I can find some Tricky icons?
I'd really appreciate it.

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12th February 2005

rhinohed2:17am: man oh man.
does anyone listen to the tricky fan station on yahoo launchcast? im learning about some wonderful songs by wonderful new artists, anyone looking for new tunes should check it..

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23rd December 2004

izzard_lover1:42am: Greetings
Teeny suggestion: Do you think you could make the date/time stamp not black on black? Very hard to read. You have to mouse over the text and highlight it to see it.

Well, my name is Heather. I have been a fan of Tricky's since I heard Black Steel on the radio (1995). I've seen him live about 4 times.
Favorite album: Maxinquaye
Favorite song: Tricky Kid
Favorite collaboration: Poems
Other favorite artists: Martina, Joseph Arthur, Bjork, PJ Harvey, Mos Def, Punjabi MC, UNKLE, DJ Shadow, A Girl Called Eddy, et al

That's about it. Talk to you all later!


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14th December 2004

craigmatic6:49pm: hey, has anyone here seen Blade Trinity yet? i have yet to see it, but i remember reading, several months back, that Tricky was in Vancouver because that's where they were filming it. any news?

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25th November 2004

_dementias_6:53pm: Hi,

Please answer these questions, out of sheer boredom on my part and to satisfy the curiosity of the mind. ALso for reasons of research related to classes and such.

1) What is your favourite Tricky song?
2) What significance does it hold for you?
3) What is your favourite line in any particular Tricky song?

Current Mood: complacent

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23rd November 2004

_dementias_9:22pm: I've just joined this community. Hi.
I only know one other person even relativey interested in Tricky's music, the rest seem caught up in mainstream music.

I'm glad to have found this.

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18th November 2004

chiquinquira9:38pm: can someone be kind enough to list the songs martina sings on the tricky albums (i only have Maxinquaye)

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12th September 2004

motherginsberg4:44pm: Stupid? Question - Martina Topley Bird
Hey Folks,

So, the latest issue of Bust magazine lists Martina Topley Bird as a cover story (PJ Harvey as well and a mention of Bjork, I guess it's the Tricky edition) mentions Martina's "new" "debut" album "Anything".

Tell me if I'm wrong, but wasnt Quixotic the debut? Additionally, isnt the track Anything on the Quixotic album? What, did I miss something? What album do I even own?

Current Mood: confused

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30th August 2004

motherginsberg7:41pm: It's Been Asked Before, But Let's Start the Definitive List
So, your friend says:

"Hey, I'm making the ULTIMATE sex mix CD, what is the ONE SONG that would HAVE to be on the CD?

and you, being the trip-hop sex god/desses that you are, respond with:

(my first addition: of course, Massive Attack's Angel)

Current Mood: naughty

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11th August 2004

rhinohed12:15am: tricky videos
are there any available online? the only ones i can find are like either 10 second teasers or mtv's video thing that never works. anyone with the videos or a link to a place that has full length plz let me know? thx! xposted a lil.

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28th July 2004

clandestin2:49pm: Martina Topley-Bird
Yesterday I saw Martina Topley-Bird's cd "Quixotic", there was a sign "produced by Tricky". And I wonder, is the disc worthy of special attention? Have anyone listen to it?

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16th July 2004

rhinohed9:09pm: it's tricky..
does anyone get it?

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28th June 2004

lessthan_012:20am: The Streets
Euro-Hip Hop "The Streets"

This sort of relates to Trip-Hop considering it was a music form sort of derived off of Hip-Hop. This guy knows how to do Euro-Hip Hop, staying to the roots of the heartland, calling joints "Spliffs", and calling fries "chips" It is one worthy Euro-Hip Hop group to make notable to all fellow Trip Hoppers. Check them out, The Streets.

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