craig (craigmatic) wrote in tricky_kid,

hey, has anyone here seen Blade Trinity yet? i have yet to see it, but i remember reading, several months back, that Tricky was in Vancouver because that's where they were filming it. any news?
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is he in the movie?
well, for a while, back when they were still filming it, the info about it at had tricky listed in the cast members. and, the very seldomly updated news at his website also said he was in vancouver for the filming of the movie, but i have heard nothing since then. and he is no longer listed in the cast at hrmph... just wondering if they had just trimmed the info at imdb or if the blade people didn't keep him... or if he backed out... i dunno...
i kept my eyes pealed when i first saw it man.. i didn't see him anywhere, i think he was cut out but will probably be on the dvd.. ;)